Welcome!   Thank you for stopping by to visit our website for the American Legion Post 22 in Lodi, CA.  We are very excited to be able to offer this tool as a way for our members to keep updated, as well as to provide information to the community about the Legion, our Post and how you can become involved. 

The American Legion is a non-profit Veteran's organization established in September 1919 by Teddy Roosevelt Jr. and chartered by Congress as an official American patriotic society.  Membership is limited to those honorably discharged Veterans and current personnel of the United States Armed Forces who have served even one day of active duty  - Currently we have close to 3 million members nation-wide.  Our goal as a nonpartisan group is to promote the ideology of 100% Americanism and to provide support to those who have served and sacrificed as well as lobbying on a National level on behalf of the many important issues vital to our Veterans and their families. 

There are many ways we can all support our U.S. Service men and women and there is much work yet to be done, but The American Legion and it's counterpart, The Auxiliary, are groups that truly "perpetuate the principles of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy for which we have fought... and cement the ties of comradeship formed in service  alliances."   In the interest of Patriotism, "Veterans helping Veterans" and to preserve the American Spirit, we continue to do our part and invite you to do the same.

Here at Lodi Post 22, we strive to remain active in our community and we have a lot of events throughout the year, so be sure to check the Events and Calendar page regularly.  If you would like more information about what we do, membership or how you too can help, please contact us.     We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lodi Post 22 originated in the old Masonic building in 1920, with Coast Guard Commander A.R. Stephen as it's first Commander.   In 1938 the property where the Memorial Building currently sits was acquired though construction was not started until 1942 and was done in stages until it's completion in 1947.  Due to World War II and rising construction costs, the building plans were redesigned from the proposed larger, Spanish style version to what exists today and is the home of Lodi Post 22.

The construction of Memorial Building became a community project, with many locals like John Graffigna and his family working long hours right alongside WWI Veterans and men from CCW (California Conservation Work Program), while the women brought coffee, snacks and food for the workers.  During this time, several committees were formed to collect pledges for the building and as a result, the nearby communities of Galt, Woodbridge and Lockeford also became involved in securing a home for our Veterans.  Along with some major contributions from area ranchers and farmers a total of $78,000 was collected and local businesses gave discounts for the building materials needed.

Once the walls and the first floor were completed in 1945, meetings were held in the new American Legion building and the Legionnaires held their first dance at the new post. However the funds were exhausted by November of that year and money was still needed to for kitchen equipment, restrooms and to complete the roof. Once again nearby communities rallied together and in just over a month, from November to December, $19,000 was raised and in 1947 the building was completed.  The dedication plaque honors John Graffigna as primary builder.

The American Legion Post 22 hosted an annual picnic at Micke Grove Park on the edge of town complete with roller skating, airplane and carnival rides. There were food and beer booths and in the evening the skating rink was converted to a dance floor for the adults.  The yearly festival was frequented by local officials such as the Governor and the Mayor and service men from all the branches of the military were in attendance.  Later the site for the annual picnic moved from Micke's Grove to right behind the American Legion Memorial Building and it included a ferris wheel, carnival rides, live music and floor shows as well as hot food and drinks for everybody until later, when the Parks took over the area.

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